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BIIAB-APPROVED to administer qualifications for licensed retail trade

Applications for Personal Licences

Applications for Personal Licences

The person in charge of the sale of Alcohol on the premise is known as the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) and there must be one nominated for every premise.  They have to hold a Personal Licence.  Other persons responsible for the sale of alcohol such as Managers may also find it desirable to hold a personal licence and you may need to Vary your DPS if you are taking over a premise.

To obtain a personal licence you must have a qualification such as the National Certificate for Personal Licensees (NCPLH) and to obtain this you have to attend a course and pass an examination.  Our training department operates through ‘Cliff Collings Consultancy’ and we can arrange for you to attend one of our next scheduled courses

You also have to obtain proof of your good character by getting a Criminal Record check, prior to completing and submitting the application for the licence and again we can help you right through the process including certifying your identity.
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